Furnace Filters: The Ultimate HVAC Equipment Defender.

Furnace Filters: The Ultimate HVAC Equipment Defender.

Furnace Filters. What you need to know about the filter in your heating unit.

Homeowners often believe that the furnace filter’s primary job is to clean the air in your home.

Your furnace filters will help aid in improving air quality, by remove particulates and contaminants from the recirculated air, but their main purpose is to protect blowers and other internal components from damaging build-up.

Furnace FiltersFurnace filters keep your HVAC system clean and efficient by removing dust, dirt, hair, and other particles from being pulled into the blower from the return air ducts. This makes them the ultimate HVAC equipment defender.

One way to prevent your heating system from becoming bogged down is by scheduling regular filter checks.

Pay attention to the furnace filters you are buying and understand the recommended duration of use for the filters you choose. Buying the correct size for your furnace ensures that you are maximizing filtration in your heating system.


KNOW YOUR FILTER: The two most common variations of furnace filters are pleated filters and semi-permanent reusable/washable filters. Knowing which filter is in your furnace is the first step.

Pleated disposable filters are the most common, with various sizes and types available at local stores like Fred Meyers, Target, Home Depot, Etc.

CORRECTLY INSTALLED: Dirty or soiled filters and incorrectly installed filters have a lot in common. They can both add more resistance to airflow, which makes the system work harder, become less efficient, and in turn more expensive to operate.

Always make sure your furnace filters are correctly installed. The chamber that houses your filter is between the return air section and a supply air section of your furnace, and there is usually a panel where your furnace filter can be easily accessed.

CHECK FOR EXCESSIVE DEBRIS & REPLACING WHEN NEEDED: In between replacing your furnace filters, we suggest regular filter checkups. Pulling out your filters regularly, to see how dirty they are, can help you get an idea of how often they need to be changed.

While checking the filters you can remove any chunks of debris, hair, or dust balls that you may find loose in the compartment and/or on the filters.

You will want to replace your filters primarily based on how quickly they get dirty or at least based on what the packaging recommends; 30 days, 90 days, etc. However, if your furnace filter appears full of dust and debris at the time of checking, it is recommended to replace your filter.

Furnace Filter

You may find they get dirty faster during the colder months, requiring more frequent changing or cleaning, due to the furnace running and cycling heat more frequently.

Older homes and homes with pets generally require the filters to be changed or cleaned more frequently.

When changed and maintained regularly, filters can extend the life of your heating system. They can also help keep maintenance costs down.

The primary purpose of a furnace filter is to protect HVAC equipment, with the added benefit of improving indoor air quality. Regular duct cleaning also plays an important role in furnace lifespan and home air quality.

Read our blog about the benefits of duct cleaning, when to get it done, and why it’s important to your heating system and household air quality.

If you are looking to significantly improve indoor air quality, talk to us about a quote for installing an air cleaning and filtration systems.

If you are experiencing allergies while inside your home, air cleaning and filtration systems might offer you some relief.

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